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Student Graduation Requirements

over 2 years ago

Dear Parents/Guardians:

For a student to graduate from Val Verde High School, they must complete 200 credits in appropriate classes.  Click on the following link to view a downloadable PDF file.  Credit Requirements

students must also complete 10 hours of community service.  This is not only a requirement of Val Verde High School but also of Val Verde Unified School District

Below are downloadable PDF files for both community service form and locations where students can complete the required hours.



Students must also complete the FAFSA Application process.  To complete the application process, click on FAFSA

I have attached a cheat sheet on how to fill out the form.  Once you or your child has completed and successfully submitted the application, please have them take a picture of it.  They will need to show us proof that they have completed it.

College Information

over 2 years ago

Valued Val Verde High School Students:

We at Val Verde High School encourage our students to continue their education after high school. Below are links to Riverside Community College, Moreno Valley Community College, and the California College Planning Web Site.

riverside city image

Google Drive

over 2 years ago

Dear Students:

In case you have forgotten how to log into your google classroom account, click this link if you have forgotten how to log into your google drive account, click on this link

This link will take you to your Google Account

Student Email